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prompt: Sakura notices scars around Sasuke’s eyes from the transplant and asks him about them

A/N: I’ve been wondering about this for so long. I mean, whenever he looks at Sakura, or anyone in that matter, is it still Sasuke alone or Sasuke through Itachi’s eyes.

To say she was shocked would be a total understatement. After hearing about the truth about the Uchiha— though it took some time and an amount of goading and being annoying— Sakura stood there, ten steps away from where Sasuke’s currently sitting on his couch, not knowing what to say, or if she should even be saying anything.

She just stared at him. He just stared back.

Sakura only broke the awkward silence when she noticed some barely-there, faint scars across his eyes. Had she been anyone else, she probably wouldn’t have noticed. But she is Haruno Sakura and she’s not the best medic in town, or perhaps the world for nothing. Her eyes widened when she realized something.

"Y-your eyes. Are they…still yours or—?", she cut herself off. 

Sasuke just kept on staring, looking indifferent as if she just asked something about the weather or if he had lunch yet. She thought he wouldn’t answer.


She stiffened.

"They’re Itachi’s." She didn’t know if this is a surprise at all. But she felt sad. Her eyes looking downward.

"Does it matter?" he asked, although she’s looking at the ground, she could feel his dark, dark eyes boring holes.

Without looking up, Sakura answered in a whisper, “Yes.”

She didn’t hear any reply so she was surprised to see a pair of shoes in front of her and she looked up to see Sasuke, still looking at her, but not without something, some emotion in his eyes she couldn’t quite decipher. Damn, he was fast.

He grabbed her by the shoulders, stooping down so that they’re on eye-level, and said something that really knocked the breath out of her.

"I’m Uchiha Sasuke and I’m looking at you.”

Monday, June 17th, 2013
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